Thinking of getting you own storage space?

First car. Check

Own apartment. Check

Next up, storage space may be?

Here is why.

We move out of our bedroom at home into the college dorm and then into our first apartment, thenwe meet a great guy/ girl and want to move in together and bam!It hits you.A life time of books, furniture and what nots piles up to carry with you as you go on to love life. In this heap there might be posters you want to pass on to your kids, and the first piece of furniture you bought from working at the movies after classes.Some of them might not be of any financial value but there are things that can lift you up no matter what and it would be a shame to have to give it up.

What happens now?

What if I told you of an accessible, secured, and cleanstorage facility that would hold on to your valuables at a great price. A place that is equipped with a Loading bay, hydraulic platform/ramp and the necessary infrastructure that is required. Self storage space Singapore just like many others is one of the progressive countries that have realized the potential of the self-storage as a venture and currently houses a host of self-storage facilities in and around its central cities. With many Singaporeans temporarily re-locating overseas for educational and careers advancement, the use of such facilities has increased greatly over the past years. Contrary to popular misconceptions they offer their services at a very economical price that includes not only the storage option alone but a host of amenities such as dedicated hotlines and consultation services along with a state of the art storage system that is guaranteed to work without a hitch.

The great thing about self-storage is not only is it convenient but flexible too. Flexible because you can rent out a unit when you are just in-between homes/ renovating your place or having your parents over for Christmas. The short term agreement also allows you to operate your space all day around and this means that you can clear out your belongings without any hassle.

And for those who are ‘’happily’’married, if there was ever such thing, for the boys especially this would provide a comfortable home to all your treasures back from the man cave before you said ‘’I do’’. Your sports gear, comics and anything from your glory days in college can stay secure and comfortable until the kids move out to college and the bedrooms can spare some space for you. If the Mrs, says ok!