Improve factory floor productivity via simple means

Notwithstanding the size of your business, the productivity of a manufacturing or a service process will depend on efficiency of machinery and human resources. Therefore looking for ways to improve productivity will include technological enhanced machinery and trained and motivated people. Leadership has to play a significant role in adopting and changing to these changing facets as well. For example, if new software is introduced, as the manager you must use it first and be an example to others.

Measuring existing situation


Before you embark on any productivity improvement process, first you have to see what the output of the existing situation is. You will have to identify points in your current flow of work – in that analyze the technology and other related processes needed for production and procedures- also examine the people, what tools they usefor communication and what resources are available for them to fulfill the objectives of the company. You can use management tools such as value mapping to recognize and monitor steps for improvement of the processes. Rather than conducting a high-level analysis, if you walk down to the factory floor and talk to people, you can get first-hand information on what is right and what hinders a better production level.




Even though human resources is the most important in any company we shall first look at the machinery; there are many improved technologies available now. If you are in manufacturing, remember that an employee can only be as productive and result-oriented as that employee’s machine or tools would let him or her. New machinery and technologies can be expensive but if you actually look in to the return on investment as opposed to time and actual numbers of output in units, you will probably see that getting a new machine is profitable in the long term. When you are getting rid of the old ones, use an Industrial waste disposal Singapore which is well known and cost effective.

Human Resources


If you are running a service company, then there is no doubt that humans come first. Your business will be as successful as the people working there let it be. Therefore always try to keep them happy and content. Keep them up to the industry standards with trainings. Motivation via not only monetary terms but also career growth and recognition is a must. Leadership is also important; if you have a lot of people who have been there for a long time, even though you have recognized some of their weaknesses, via training and development you can convert them to be leaders and make them happy. They will work harder to towards company objectives in such a scenario.


A company is profitable as much as its employees are efficient. Give them a reason to be so.