How to get rid of your old furniture – A guide

Your house tends to get very cluttered when you decide to go ahead and bring the new furniture to the house. There might be unwanted and disposable pieces of furniture that is lying around that you need to get rid of to make new space for the new pieces. You cannot expect to just throw them out on the pavement and let the local council take care of the rubbish. You are responsible of your possessions and it is your responsibility to get rid of them the right way.


If you search on the internet, you will find many furniture disposal sg companies that are ready to do the needful and get rid of the unwanted pieces. However, here are a few methods of getting rid of them in case your plan does not work out.

The local waste management companies

You need to check with the local management organizations whether they will accept large items such large sofas and tables. Most local authorities do not allow these items to be left lying along the curb. You will also be able to find out if these companies dispose these items on the website.



If you are getting your furniture delivered, you can speak to the delivery company about taking them away for you. Sometimes, they might charge you or might not charge any additional fee. Make sure that you read the fine print because there might be certain items that will not be carried away as they have to uninstall the correct way.


The internet

You can always upload an image and a description about the item on a website and then you will be able to get rid of it for free or for even a small fee. Then the person who is interested will come and collect it from your residence or designated collection point.

Garage sale

Instead of leaving the items on the curb, you can have a garage sale and then you will be able to get rid of the unwanted items easily.



If you live in a commercial or city area, then you will be able to donate your items to charity shops. You will need to ensure that you donate the items based on the condition that they are in. you would not want to donate something in poor condition to a charity that only sells items in good conditions. Your efforts would go to waste.


If you ever have trouble recycling or disposing your furniture, use the following methods and you will be able to bring in your new items to your residence.