How Images Can Enhance the Outlook of Your Store

As a store selling anything, or as a service provider such as a hotel, a restaurant or legal services, your brand image is important when it comes to marketing and selling those products and services. As promotional activities you must have done many things such as having a physical venue for your business, around which you must have name boards and signposts. An online presence is also a must in this century. Whatever it is that you follow to have your products and the services marketed, ensure that the message goes out to the right people.

Message Consistency

The consistency of the message is very important. You cannot promise one day to serve as an online clothes seller and deliver the goods only after a week. The world is far more advanced now and bad spreads faster than the good. If, for example, you happened to have caused a blunder like that, it’ll take no time for you to face the backlash from the community.

It will come via your website, social media channels, message boards, blog sites and so, so much more. Therefore, first, you have to sit down and decide what the message is that you are sending out. Then form it in a way that you present it consistently throughout all platforms that you use.

Using Visual Enhancers

It has been found out people remember only 10% of what is read, 20% of what is heard and 30% of what was seen. It goes up to 50% when it comes to what was heard and seen. Visuals are important, positive impact makers on human mind. When you are using colours in images remember to stick to the same colour palette throughout all your platforms online and offline.

Once you have decided on an image, make sure it is properly edited and coloured to fit your brand message. If by any chance you are going for a non-existing sort of a colour-picture-combo such as pink elephant, ensure to have it in a way so that the customers will remember it. To have the best-suited images, you can use clipping path services from a reputed service provider.

Interior Architecture of The Store

If you are a service provider such as a hotel or a restaurant you would probably arrange the interior with nice furniture to have a chic outlook. The same is very important even in any other store or service providing organization. For example, if you are providing legal services, and people enter your office to see a very shabby interior, don’t think they will come back again ever.

When you use imagery and colours to enhance your online as well as offline presence- with name boards and signs – make sure you can have the same consistency and presence in-house as well. Use pleasing colours unless your theme is a dark one. Consider lighting and space.

We sometimes forget what colours, light and other visual enhancers can do for a brand. As they are all free – sunlight, colours and more- it will be to your advantage to use it right.