Everything You Need to Know About Confinement Nannies

A confinement nanny is someone who is hired to take care of both the mother and the newborn immediately after birth. They can be experienced mothers or a licensed professional knowledgeable in basic newborn and postnatal care. They stay at home with the mother after giving birth and makes sure that she gets plenty of rest to help her recover quickly. She is also the one who takes care of the newborn while the mother is healing. First time parents often seek the assistance of a confinement nanny because they don’t have experience in taking care of a baby.

You can hire a confinement nanny for as long as you think is necessary. However, make sure she has a confinement nanny work permit before proceeding in hiring her. Here are the most common duties they do.

Bathing a Newborn

A baby’s first bath can be scary for some mothers. Not all newborns love the bath and some of them squeal and scream as you put them in the tub. Confinement nannies know well how to give babies a bath with lesser protest. They can also assure the mother that everything will be okay after the bath if the baby really cries a lot.

Develop Feeding Schedules

Newborns have unpredictable feeding schedules. For new mothers, you might have some questions like how long should it take before feeding the baby again? Should you wake a baby up for feeding or just let them sleep longer? Does your baby get enough nourishment he needs?

Confinement nannies can answer all these questions and help you establish a healthy feeding schedule that keeps baby well nourished and satisfied while at the same time gives the mother the rest she needs. Developing a good feeding schedule is essential especially for breastfeeding mothers.

Clothing and Diapering

A confinement nanny teach you when is the appropriate time in changing the diapers, proper cleaning after a baby poops, and the kind of clothes comfortable for babies.

Sleep Training

Since newborns haven’t established a sleeping pattern yet, they wake up many times at night for feeding or they simply want to observe around them. This can be stressful for postnatal mothers and slows down their recovery. Hiring a confinement nanny helps you get the rest you need at night while being assured that your little one gets proper care. They can also help you set routines and sleep train your baby as he grows older.

Your fast recovery and the health of your baby are vital in every moment. Hiring a confinement nanny is a great way to make sure both you and baby is well taken care of.