Before your visit to Dubai – Info

Dubai, a city in the great United Arab Emirates, is always flooded with tourists simply due to fascinating destinations, experiences and opportunities it has to offer. It is an amazing place to visit during a next vacation. With Dubai you will be able to enjoy one impressive holiday. Before you go it is always better to have a brief overview into what this city is like. To help you with this we have prepared some information. These are the things that you ought to know before you land in Dubai.


Life of Dubai


When you hear the name ‘Dubai’ the first thing that might pop in your head is the massive skyscrapers and the luxuries. While this is a part of Dubai there is so much more life than what you expect. The rich history and the fascinating culture beneath all this is definitely something you might find interesting. The Dubai Creek will give you a glimpse of what is available beyond all the skyscrapers. This is the part of the city where traders from all over Middle East gather to vend all their great collections. You will be able to find some valuable and gorgeous treasures from this specific location. So, don’t miss it.



Dubai is clearly famous for its exciting variety of food. All the luxurious dishes you get to enjoy from your luxury spa five star hotel in uae is just a small introduction to the mouth-watering dishes. The restaurants that offer the Arabian cuisine aren’t the only places that you should try. The Bur Dubai area offers you some great food varieties. You can feast on dishes from various countries including India, Pakistan, Filipino, Yemen and more.




United Arab Emirates might consist of a rich muslim background but that doesn’t mean that they are strict on the tourists. You can dress as you like. There’s no necessary to cover your hair. But, we do suggest you avoid revealing and tight clothes. It might not go hand-in-hand with the Dubai citizens. Also, make sure you wear comfortable clothing that doesn’t absorb heat. Opt for more cotton materials. This way you will be able to survive the heat.




The Metro is quite cheap in Dubai. However, the stations are located in not very convenient locations. That is why it is better to opt for a taxi. It is more relaxing and easy to access. Make sure you tip your driver.


This is just a brief overview of Dubai. Apart from all this you will have so much to experience, learn and enjoy. Make sure you take your time and enjoy your vacation in Dubai. It is definitely a wonderful spot.