Tips to plan your honeymoon in Ubud

Congratulations! You are going to get married and then you will be heading on to your honeymoon. If you plan your honeymoon well, then you will have a wonderful romantic and lavish honeymoon. You will be considering things such as budgets, which is very important because you cannot spend a lot after spending a whole deal of money on your wedding.


There are many honeymoon packages that you will find if you search for it on the Internet. Just type Ubud Bali honeymoon package and you will see a lot of packages which you can go through and find the one that suits them. There are incredible views from each hotel, which will have you falling in love with Ubud. Generally villas have a private pool for couples in a hideout area in Ubud. There are many romantic things to do and eat from while you are in the next of love.

How long?

One might question how many days or nights should be spent for your honeymoon. The minimum time period is four nights where you can make the most of it. Take just three days leave from work and then include the two days from the weekend and you will have the perfect amount of time to travel and get to Ubud and still enjoy the trip.

A few things to do while on honeymoon with your partner are:

  • Spa – Go on a spa date together. You will be able to enjoy the spa together as a couple as well. There are special areas allocated for couples where they can enjoy a spa date side by side. There are Jacuzzis also available that overlook the green jungles of Bali making it very romantic and relaxing at the same time.
  • Dining – There are special dining restaurants that are available with a magnificent view throughout so that you will be able to relax. There are restaurants that cater to different types of cuisines as well so that you will get to taste diverse dishes.
  • Hikes – If you and your partner are very interested to in adventure, well then you should definitely hike together. The greater views means that the climb is the hardest which means that you will both take some time to work together to get up there. There’s no WIFI which means both of you will be off your phone and enjoy the hike together. Since you will be working together to hike up together, this means that you will work in harmony together strengthening your bond.


Do not forget to take photographs to for keepsake for memories.