Interesting and Odd Facts about Coffee

Coffee is probably one of the most beloved morning wake-up beverages. In fact, it is the second largest traded commodity in the world. Most people often become addicted to coffee, and cannot seem to go about their day without first sipping the hot drink. Having a cup of java is the only way most people are willing to start their day. And there is so much to know about the humble beverage, so here are a few fascinating facts:


Fruity Goodness

The coffee bean itself comes from a cherry like berry that grows in clutches on some very sturdy bushes. So technically the coffee bean is the seed of this berry. Most people still eat the berry today, just as they have been eating it for years. It is a sweet pulpy energy rich berry that is found in most tropical parts of the world like Brazil, Sri Lanka and Hawaii.

Found By Goat-Herders

The story goes that somewhere in Ethiopia, around 800 AD a couple of goat herders noticed odd behaviour in their goats who ate the coffee berries. The goats seemed to display more energy and also stayed awake at night. After this information was shared with a few of the local monks, one of them decided to make a drink out of these coffee berries in the hopes that it would help his remain awake at night so he could pray. He found that the coffee drink did indeed keep him up through the night. And so the first cup of coffee was supposedly invented in the 9th century by Ethiopian Monks with the help of a few goat herders.

Paying For the Taste

Some of the most expensive coffee beans in the world comes from- wait for it – the faeces of an animal called the Luwak. A furry Sumatran wild cat that eats the coffee berries but is unable to digest the seeds of the berries. It is the process of it passing through the Luwak’s digestive system that people pay big bucks for. Such coffee can go for around 600 dollars a pound. And why? It is all because the beans are fermented in the stomach of the Luwak instead of being digested, which causes them to alter flavour-wise. This coffee usually tastes luxuriously smooth and chocolaty. For some epic tasting coffee just check here and you are sure to find all the flavours you will like.


Helps To Keep You Awake

Most people tend to drink large amounts of coffee during their exams or if they have huge projects due at the office or have a deadline to meet the very next day, because it helps keep them awake through the night and gives them a boost of energy to keep them going. In fact, scientists say that merely inhaling the scent of powdered coffee can increase your level of cognitive activity and make you less sleep deprived.

So there you have it. A few interesting facts you probably did or did not know about coffee. Whether you are a fan of coffee or not you have to admit that coffee has a pretty cool history. So do some more research and you are bound to find more entertaining and even strange facts about coffee.