How to choose the shape of your flower bunch for your wedding day

There are many different sizes and shapes of flower bunches that brides choose to hold in their hands on their wedding day. These flowers greatly add to the bridal dress and if chosen wrong, they can also equally take away from that effect. Here are some of the popular shapes of flower bunches that you can choose for your wedding day based on the style of your outfit.

Cascading flower shower

These are usually the bunches that are made in the shape of a cascading or trailing waterfall and are made generally by threading flowers with long stems with foliage like ivy. The traditional cascading flower style was always really neatly tied together and had a very distinct shape to it. However in the recent past, more organic shapes have been introduced which are not exactly neatly tied but rather have a very natural element to them. This style of arrangement will suit really tall brides and long flowy dresses. They also suit princess style bridal dresses. It has a very slimming look and can be really graceful. But if the brides are petite it can actually overpower them. You should not choose this shape if you are planning on wearing a short dress.

The crescent shape

This shape will usually be made out of one full flower and flowering stem, such as orchid for example, that has been tied together with a lot of other slender flowers to create one bunch that you can easily hold in one hand. This can either be a full crescent where the full flower is in the centre and the smaller blossoms peek out from either side, or it can have half a crescent shape where the flowers are just trailing to one side only. If you want to have a unique wedding that also creates a statement look for bouquet Singapore services or any other location based on where you are for this shape. If you are wearing a princess style wedding dress or you are really tall bride this option will be the perfect one for you. If you are petite you should always look for a smaller and more compact crescent shape.

Hand tied style

These are without a doubt one of the most common and popular styles in use today. They come with long or short stems and are tied together with either a ribbon sometimes a single flower. They can be found in many different sizes and almost any bride will look great carrying one of these. If you are natural bride this laidback sort of style will work well with you. if your wedding is on the beach or is out of the wedding outfit is unique it will work well too.