3 Common oral problems and why you should see your dentist

Normally, people would go to their dentists when they experience pain. It is not often that people go for their dental appointment, which is a vital maintenance not only for your oral health, but also for your overall health, too! Being aware of the usual oral problems can also go a long way in order to prevent such cases. These are the common oral problems.


Halitosis or commonly known as bad breath, is a very embarrassing situation to have for any person. And the main reason for this is bad oral hygiene. I’m sure you have at least one experience of actually smelling bad breath, and you know for a fact that the stench is mortifying. Sometimes, you yourself cannot actually notice that you have one, so it would be best to carry mouthwash with you all the time just in case you are unable to bring your toothbrush with you.



Cavities or tooth decay is one of the most common prevalent diseases all around the world. This occurs when there is a build up of plaque, the sticky and colorless film of bacteria that surrounds our teeth, which is formed because the bacteria is able to grow as it uses ingredients of the food we eat and our saliva. This then attacks our tooth enamel and lead to a tooth decay.


Gum disease

This is an infection in our gums surrounding our teeth which is also one of the main reasons for tooth loss. And the pain you feel everyday can be excrutiating, despite being able to bear with it. Tooth loss can be embarrassing and lowers self esteem. If this happens to you then the ideal solution for this is a missing teeth replacement singapore.


These oral problems can occur to a person’s life at any age because of the lack of care towards thieir dental hygiene. Going to a dentist should not only happen when you experience pain or a possible tooth decay, but rather schedule an appointment for a thorough cleaning and check up.

The importance of going to a dentist is crucial for oral health and overall health maintenance because they are able to detect any possible threats and problems that may be occurring in your teeth or in your mouth. One serious problem is oral cancer which is a deadly disease that affects millions of lives.


Oral hygiene is imperative much as dentists are to you. With the help of your dentist, you are able to know how to adequately and thoroughly clean your mouth at home. Bruch twice a day, brush properly, and floos to decrease the chances of having an unattractive smile!